Our Insurance Solutions

Rosser’s unique SurePac insurance solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of your Small/Medium business and Not-for-Profit organisation clients.

SurePac Property
Property Insurance Tailored for SMEs and NFP organisations

SurePac Property is Rosser’s comprehensive property and interruption cover package designed for New Zealand small to medium enterprises and not-for-profit groups and organisations.

SurePac Property cover is underwritten by Chubb Insurance New Zealand and our SurePac Property-UK cover is placed through Lloyds of London.


ROSSER SurePac Property delivers comprehensive insurance protection for property owners seeking the certainty of knowing they are well-insured when the unexpected occurs.

Access to Chubb Insurance for New Zealand SMEs and NFPs is available exclusively through Rosser.





SurePac Liability
Comprehensive Liability Solution with Unique "Pick 'n Mix" Options

ROSSER SurePac Liability , backed by Chubb Insurance New Zealand, provides a full suite of  liability protection solutions appropriate for all SME Business and Not-for-Profit organisations.

Our SurePac Liability policy puts the cover selection where it belongs – in the hands of you and your clients, not the insurer.  Rosser’s unique ”Pick ‘n Mix“ policy structure makes it easy for you to tailor a cost-effective, individually specified policy package, without your client paying for unwanted, bundled-in cover.

SurePac Liability eliminates confusion between cover types by incorporating  Extensions, Exclusions, Conditions and Definitions which apply policy-wide. This significant feature helps minimise misunderstandings and disputes at claim time.

In addition, the policy includes a Reserved Costs and Expenses which also applies policy-wide.

plus optional sections for General, Statutory and Employers’ Liability. After choosing which of these base covers you require, you then select which of these additional solutions best fit your clients’ needs:

  • General Liability
  • Statutory Liability
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Management & Entity Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Crime (Employee Theft)
  • Cyber Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Professional Liability for Not for Profits

You can find a SurePac Liability Product Profile on our Forms page or by clicking here.

You will also find on the Forms page a PDF copy of our comprehensive guide to Liability insurance. This valuable resource is ideal for emailing to your clients to help them understand the need for liability insurance and to select covers relevant to the risks faced by them.

Motor Insurance specifically designed for SMEs and NFP organisations

SurePac Motor is a comprehensive and competitively priced commercial motor policy designed for SMEs and not-for-profits looking to insure up to 10 light vehicles up to 3,500kgs.

SurePac Motor is backed by Zurich New Zealand and provides your clients with access to the Zurich Approved Repairer Network.

ROSSER SurePac Motor is about getting your clients back on the road – quickly. All claims are handled by Zurich’s dedicated claims officers right here in New Zealand and access to Zurich’s network of trusted repairers will help your SurePac Motor clients get back on the road ASAP.

With the addition of SurePac Motor, Rosser’s suite of SurePac solutions now allows you to offer your SME and NFP clients the complete package – Property, Liability and Motor.

Multi-line insurance package tailored for sport, fitness and recreation organisations

SurePac Sport offers a cost-effective  insurance solution for  sports clubs and associated groups and businesses  providing recreational and fitness facilities and services to millions of New Zealanders.

SurePac Sport, backed by Chubb and  Zurich,   is  designed specifically to meet the insurance needs of “grassroots” Not-for-Profit sports –based organisations, together with related health and fitness- orientated SME businesses.

SurePac Sport is based on Rosser’s SurePac Property solution with a comprehensive “Sport” extension to cover sporting and recreational facilities such as purpose designed buildings, specialised sporting surfaces, plant, equipment and landscaping, as well as offering numerous other features and benefits.

Members, officers and volunteers of sporting organisations also face significant liability risks in today’s world.  Adding cover selected from  Rosser’s SurePac Liability policy, you can tailor a  comprehensive suite of cost-effective protection solutions for your clients.

Rounding out our SurePac Sport offering is the inclusion of SurePac Motor,  our commecial motor policy, to cover  cars, vans and utility vehicles used by sport and fitness groups.